The ward is managed by a highly qualified ward manager and an experienced medical team who are motivated to provide the highest quality of care.

Our hospital theatres are spaces where patients have access to surgical operations. The theatres adhere to strict infection prevention and control protocols ensuring a safe environment for all theatre procedures. Equipment and systems in place ensure that surgeries are performed safely on all our patients.

This unit provides specialized care to patients with life threatening injuries and disease conditions.

Our team of specialist nurses and doctors provide 24 hour care to patients admitted in the unit.

The maternity ward is run by a team of specialized health professionals devoted to providing high quality care of pregnant women and their babies. The team’s priority is safe deliveries and healthy babies.

A specialized unit offering high quality medical and surgical care for infants and children 0 – 12 years of age. The unit is family centred, allowing children to feel supported during their hospital stay.

Conveniently located within the hospital is a pharmacy that caters for in patient prescriptions ensuring efficient and timeous supply of medicines to patients. The pharmacy is manned by qualified staff that are part of the hospital’s day to day functioning.